Saturday, April 04, 2009

Are bailouts working yet? Nope.

Wow. See, AIG wasn't content with merely paying people for meeting deadlines --a sure sign of a successful healthy company run by knowledgeable people is that you have to pay your employees more to do there fucking job. However, this morning there stupidity has finally been trumped by Freddie Mac/Fanny May (Freddie May for now on due to my sanity) is now paying top executives, probably the ones responsible for the mess Freddie May is in a million each TO STAY AND DRIVE THE COMPANY INTO THE RED FURTHER.

Great job, guys. Great job pissing away my hard earned tax money. Great job stealing from those who need it more. Companys really hurting who could use some help and do more with the money than just pay people and go on as usual. Mega bonuses, no change in the shoddy retarded business practices that got you where you are in the first place.

We've proven many things in the years politics has existed.

--Socialism/Communism doesn't work
--Laissez-faire works.
--Bailouts don't.

So...why did we give out money to these idiots and why haven't I heard reports of them doing better? Why are there no "We got all this money we're doing our best to fulfill the promises of change when we got it"?

That's it, I was merely skeptical of bailouts at first, hoping the good it would do would outweigh the negative message of "practice poor business, stay in it anyway". However: It's clear these companies will remain stupidly run and stupidly managed and the best way to deal with this is to let them mess up, figure out why, and change for the better or die. No more bailouts.

I'm telling you, these idiots don't know how to fish, quit feeding them so they learn!

Okay hopefully next post will be more positive.

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