Monday, June 15, 2009

ATTN: Those whom it may concern. 

UNION TUFFM (The United Fraterny for Manhood) has released this memo concerning a certain term relating to deeply personal relationships between its members: 

"Bromances" as aforementioned deeply interpersonal relationships between its members arefor herethow under penatly of Article 103 Action of the Man Bilaws, which I will recite as printed in the original Declaration of Manhood:

Article 103) Any specified practice or verbiage used that has been deemed under punishment of this law will not be tolerated under any circumstance and may result in penalty small as suspension of Man License or great as permanent banishment from our fraternity and events, benefits, and rights contained therein resulting in public declaration that you no longer wish to be referred to by your male name and further, male pronouns (him, his, ect e. all) . Such practices finding themselves under this law have one or more of the following characteristics

a) A large female following that requires attendance or service without promise of sexual performances afterwards (ex, chick flicks).
b) Something the majority deems inherently "feminine" or "gay"
c) Anything written by the Twilight chick. 

At our last congregation, the majority of the TUFFM Senators and Members felt need to make comment on the increasingly common 'bromance' resulting in speculation of such actions falling under Article 103.b. 

During the meeting the term 'bromance' itself was lambasted as "toolish" and "cliche" which were met with chuckles stifled only by the serious nature of our discussion.Furthermore, popularly cited 'bromances' such as TRL Host Carson Daily and Actor Ashton Kutcher were denounced as heresy and the committee agreed to the immediate suspension of rights. While harsher punishments were considered and pushed for, one senators cry "He's doing Demi Moore!" was met with resounding approval. A specific memo has been sent to each party informing them of there discharge along with a strict list of activites they should perform to be welcomed back into Manhood. 

As a warning to all memembers, we are currently in investigation of notable 'bromances' and will be quick to discharge members of ill conduct concluding the sending of this memo. As of this writing offical "Bromances" are under penatly of Article 103. The committee however, encourages "Homies" "Buddies" and "Best Friends" status amongst your peers.