Friday, October 23, 2009

The Nobel Dog Show

I'm a little late to the punch. But here we go. The reason I made Obama-Dog was to actively goof on the current events.

I hope people don't take it that seriously. It's the Presidents face on a dog's body. The idea behind Obama dog is to make people laugh at politics first, then make people think about them and talk about them, opening new dialog. That's the whole point. So to answer a frequently asked question: no, I have nothing against Obama. I simply feel as a weekly cartoonist, I have some obligation to make humor at his expense.

So please, don't read too much politics into it or else I will have to stop making Obama-Dog strips because given the timeframe in which I make these, I have no time to walk on egg shells. We have nice things, lets not ruin them.

Anyway finally: GUESS THE CARICATURES TIME! The two other dogs in the final panel are other Nobel Prize winners. They're well done this time, you should have no problem if you know politics at all.