Sunday, January 16, 2011

We have name and logo. Now time to finish up the largely rough designs and get to writing some comics!

My favorite design thus far. "The Douchebag" as he is called. Something of an antagonist, hands with the Panda clan when his 'bro's" arent around (which is always, the existance of said bros is dubious). Obvious who he is based off of but I'm wondering if anyone can guess.
 Redesigned Panda with bigger preportions. Still very rought probably could've used a few more drawings.
Rage! Raging ferrets! I babysitted a ferret for the longest time and enjoyed the hell out of it. When trying to come up with a 'rager' the ferret just fit being ferret are stubborn creatures. Also, I find small characters with smaller overall composition work better for action poses, as the pose in the top left can attest.

Lets home by next week we'll have finalized designs and then we can start some comics!