Monday, January 24, 2011

I thought I had posted this already....Here goes!

And our Panda HERO! I had fun drawing that "MINE!" pose. Never eff with a panda and his game, Mr. Ferret! Oh and the ferret sheet I did earlier got a bad review so...might redo alot of him. Hammering out the final designs, got a comic layed out. All I gotta do is pencil, ink and color it >.<

I got alot more action poses on this sheet, makes me want to do another "action' sheet for the girl.


Quintessential girl gamer.

Character wise, I kinda got an idea. She's kinda ditzy but not in a "GIRLZ R STUPED DUUR" way but more in that particular vampish girl way that is cute. When she games I wonder if she don't simply SNAP into a sterner almost drill instructor manner and show some prowess.

Next week is character bible week. Until then let me know how she comes off to you.