Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad Taste Theater starts back up!

This is to prove I can do something better than Ctrl-Alt-Del in the same amount of time. I plan to pop out one these lil guys a week. Maybe If i get good at it and get some blog attention I'll do more.

Rock rock on.

Guess I better put this up too...

First comic I did. I hope to keep up a weekly color strip. Look good on a resume and entertain some folks. Wish me luck!

What I'm up too...

I'm currently busy working on various things which is why I haven't blogged recently. I am trying to get a new car, my 95 Mazda 626 has served me well, but I digress. Last time I dropped by the shop the faces of my repairmen witnessing the miracle that is my transmissions survival was about the highest level of astonishment I could dare conjure.

I might as well have taught the T-rex, laying on his noble belly unable tomove,how to walk upright. One leg forward, the other left behind to balance the weight, moving in steady motion creating movement. "What is that your doing?" ask the repairmen. "Why, I'll call it walking!" I reply.

Furthermore, I'm working on getting my comic published so I only have to have one real job. So far so good. Also, this blog now has ads. Sorry kids, daddy needs a new pair of Xbox 499's (elite, controller, Gear of War 2).

While doin' that I'd discovered that I really don't need a relationship to be happy. I've long known it but I'm considering taking my hat out of the dating ring until these things happen. I say that you can't make someone happy until your happy being yourself. This has proven itself over and over again in my partners and in myself. Believe it or not there have been times I wish I could slip out of my own skin and into a new one, but since I'd grown up and am confident in what I am, and honest in what I'm not.

In closing: I apparently now have a lady interested in publishing me. Details as I get them.