Monday, November 08, 2010

Hi guys! Lets have a fresh start!


being out of school helps a bit, I am now the holder of an Associate of Applied Science in Web Site Design!
Anyway, this is my apology for the outburst last time I posted. I need to keep up the schedule and do better, be funnier whatever is wrong with my comic, it is on ME.

I will still periodically encourage ya'll to send my comics to your friends and will continued to be humbled by the large ammount of moral support I have.

Speaking of which ANOTHER COMIC TOMMOROW! I intend to make it a rule to rush out comics that pertain to some event being the time in which it is funny is LIMITED. I've squandered many a golden egg by letting it rot in my brain. Sometimes even drawn comics don't end up on here having long past there shelf life.

Oh and guys: Your outpouring of support hasnt gone unnoticed by Google as well. I do have ads on here and guess what? Thanks to all the views I actually have more than a few cents on them! 9 dollars or so! So keep clicking those ads that are relevent to your interests! The more money I make on this, the greater chance I can simply quit one of my two jobs and do this as one of them or hey BOTH! And if you love my comics, this is highly relevent to your interests!

Thank you all so much <3