Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bobby Kotick VS Horrible people.

I had to redo the text thanks to Adobe Bloat ware. Seriously Adobe Fireworks. Fundamentally you haven't changed in like 7-8 years. However, in size and resource usage probably more than tripled. And for what?

Keep in mind my PC is by no means a slouch. It can play Crysis on High, It can multitask effiectively without any one item losing speed. So, Adobe, your products have no excuse being they SHOULD be designed to run on a much slower machine than my own.  I would venture to guess that maybe...10-20% of the general PC populace have rigs faster than my own. Only a handful of CPU's and GPU's outrun my own.

That said.

Bobby Kotick is horrible from the perspective of a person who doesn't like to pay $80-90 bucks for a fully functional complete game and as a person who doesn't buy into yearly franchises and perfers 1 or 2 quality games every other year as opposes to 3-4 meh games every year.

Outside this, I must say, kudos to the man as a business person. Where I running a business for the sole purpose of making money, I would surely adopt some of his highly successful viewpoints. However, as the consumer, his tatics often put me and my tastes in the cold and compromises the quality of the industry as a whole.

Figure I'd add this before people come in "OMG JEALOUS" because well,halfway your right. I wish I had a fraction of his money but I can still knock him and the quality of the games his company produces.