Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guitar Hero Metallica...doesn't suck!

I haven't made my views clear on Metallica on this blog or the other--that may change. Let me clarify: I haven't liked a Metallica album since The Black Album. I consider St. Anger garbage and Death Magnetic tantamount to long winded unwelcomed Nickleback. I refer to Metallica constantly as "Selloutica". 

Needless to say I wasn't moved by anything other than indigestion upon news that Metallica was getting there own Guitar Hero game. I prayed everynight that it would fall under the same fate as Guitar Hero: Aerosmith: beloved by fans, hated and loathed by everyone else. 

However Metallica has an ace up its sleeve: The best songs on this game AREN'T METALLICAS!!!

Kyuss-Demon Cleaner
Corossion of Conformity-Albatross
Motorhead-Ace of Spades (RERECORDED JUST FOR THIS!)

Why the hell aren't these songs on a REAL Guitar Hero game? 

I'm going to write to the GH guys and request they don't save the good songs for lameassery such as this Lars Ulrich vanity project. I encourage you to do the same

Melvins, Sleep, Meshuggah, High on Fire and many more deserve to be on a Guitar Hero game more than Selloutica. Tell Guitar Hero next time they want to give the real metalheads some songs, DO IT ON THE REAL GAMES!!!

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