Saturday, April 09, 2011

And original character.

Me and Stephen been talking about the honey badger for a while. It's badassery knowing no limits, its only right he get a comic book character named after him.

So meet Ratel.

He's a sorta anti villianous guy with a bad childhood checkered past and a few years in the marines. Somehow connected to Wolverine, I plan to introduce him tugging on Thor's cape (He's that fearless) to ask him where Wolverine is. Thor of course, lands him in jail with a black eye. But Ratel isn't that dumb, it's all in his big plan ....what plan?

Well just wait till I can do the fan-comic I've got in the works for it =D

Anyway thanks to some mutant genes or Weapon X balonga, he now feels no pain and has regenerative capability similar to Wolverine: albiet slower and less effective than Wolverine's. If Wolverine gets shot in the head, typically he gets back up, wonders why some guy with a smoking gun is looking at him crazy and can't remember what he had for breakfast that morning. Ratel gets shot in the head, hes pretty much dead. He won't feel it but yeah dead. Stabbed in the torso or shot in the extremities give him an hour and hes ok. The litmus test is if its something that would instantly kill a normal man or something that isn't fixable by a trip to the ER, its light's out Ratel.

Anyway initial design. Might clean it up and make him look meaner. More scars.

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Anonymous said...

When are you gonna post the comic that goes with this??? You know you'd have more fans if you posted more regularly or didn't say you were gonna keep a weekly comic & then you don't what's up w/ that? I guess your life has gotten in the way....