Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crysis 2 Comic

Outside that, enjoy my first impression of the first 15 or so of Crysis 2. Beautiful game and so far the only one I've paid the 59.99 for and so far, so good! It's pretty awesome.

Still kinda mad that we aren't able to play as Prophet unless he does what he did in the first game, which, is play dead early on and come back and kick ass. Hard to say at this point as the comic illustrates he was taken out pretty graphically. Not by Alcatraz. Heh, Alcatraz is your typical AFGNCAAP so far, which, I kinda tire of this trope. Namely after playing Heavy Rain, in which, you play as 4 distinctly different characters, all of whom have concrete sets of characteristics.

While I guess I don't want a lot of characterization getting in the way of my action, I also wish developers wouldn't shy so far away from letting you play as a set person.

It would'a been cool to play as Prophet. Least maybe the introduction where you see him with the mini gun destroying aliens. What a way to introduce a game than to throw you in head first kicking ass?

Never the less, art wise, this was probably one of the most labor intensive ventures. Shading the Nanosuit 2 and the gun porn was a pain.

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Anonymous said...

Your drawings are good.