Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Call of Duty: You Get What You Pay For....

Activision are truely nasty people. Bobby Kotick is hurting gaming more and more with his "Money First, Games Second, HR Third" philosophy and sadly asshats at Ubisoft are mimicing these ideals. Thank god there are a few developers with the heads firmly planted in what matters as opposed to there own ass.

See, let me list out some infractions of utter asshattery commited by Activision:
--Firing Infinity Ward for wanting to get paid. They basically held them hostage like "You make Game B, you Get paid for Game A and so on.
--Being the first to charge $59.99 for a PC game. Look, console games are $10 more because you have to pay both licensing and for dev kits. They assume we're so stupid DUUUUR same price as consoles we don't mind. Guess what? I've NEVER bought a PC game for $59.99 because not one PC game thats stuck his balls out so far has been GOOD.
--Bobby Kotick. This, is self explanitory. Wikipedia him if you feel frisky.

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