Friday, November 13, 2009

Ultimate Feedback Loop

Thank you, Nowak.

Yes! Full color! Also, this one isnt digi-inked. I may keep this tradition for Nowak comics if I get a positive response. However, next one I am going to try digi-ink on him and see how it goes. Anyway, I got one more in my stash of back up comics I did. It's an Obama dog *sigh* so Monday may suck more than usual thanks to me. But I assure you the new two and this current one are making up for it.

Also, I doubt I'll do more Obama dog cartoons unless people like them. I may just forgo the pussy footing and just make fun of Obama directly. I just figured the whole "it's his dog" business would level any serious critical blow I felt need to strike. But since I haven't really dealt any I'll put the idea on the shelf until a good idea comes to me.

Or if I somehow get people begging me for Obama-Dog. Which--as reality stands is quite the contrary.

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