Monday, October 12, 2009

The Sliding Scale of Cute Vs Creepy (Thanks, Twilight)

Sorry for being late...again! First, my PC's health. Then MINE! Thankfully I'm hoped up on plenty of IB Proufen and antibiotics. Hopefully a few days of taking it easy and this will make my malady get better.

All things consider, I may have proven that sickness can move from computer to human. I had a punchline for this but it may make for better comic fodder. Next week kids.

Anyway, I'm probably late to the Twilight Riff. I saw the movie on a date and while I was to busy with her to much consider the movie in depth, reviewing this scene in my mind produced this.

Hopefully--for you--I will see the next movie on a date and produce a hilarious observation for you in a timely manner.

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