Friday, August 28, 2009

Dr. Cheeky development art.

Working on another cartoon series. I think these following weeks after Dragon-Con I'm gonna come up with a pitch for this cartoon while keeping up my quest for work in the comics business and starting up Bad Taste Theater again. Would ya'll like me to keep up a 3 a week schedule like Penny Arcade? Friday's being colored? Give me advice,seeing as I've become very aware Flash cartoons are too long winded to really be a hit with the internet crowd right now.
Drawing girls is fun. I like alot of artists but there are some who are only good at drawing unique guys. Tell me what you get from these characters. Both need to give you an instant impression to work.
The cartoon I'm working on is a hospital drama. This is the admin who is a loose caracature of King Buzzo. Mostly in the face, while Buzzo is not exactly skinny, he doesnt have a pot belly.

Anyway, get me some feedback.

CARTOON STATUS: Shelved until I can complete it at my own pace. Like I said, I don't like the response I'm getting to my cartoon as opposed to the response I'm getting to my strips.

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